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Cosmetic Dentures

smiling couple at Bellevue's Best Smiles Tooth loss is a huge issue that affects your smile, the functions of your mouth, and even the appearance of your face. Traditionally, teeth have been replaced with dentures. However, the thought of dentures can elicit images of obviously fake teeth. The thought of having a smile of noticeably artificial teeth can be quite embarrassing. Today, Bellevue's Best Smiles can help to provide you with a much more natural restoration to your smile, and your quality of life, with cosmetic dentures.

The Difference Between Cosmetic and Traditional Dentures

You are probably very familiar with a traditional denture. It is a removable prosthesis that is made to replace an arch of missing teeth or a section of missing teeth. When you think of a traditional denture, you are probably filled with images of noticeably false teeth that slip out of place or cause difficulty speaking properly because they feel awkward in the mouth. Traditional dentures can make eating difficult, which can impact your ability to enjoy your favorite foods as well as your digestion and overall nutrition.

Cosmetic dentures are quite different. These dentures are designed to look much more natural. The teeth are made from acrylic or porcelain, providing a much more realistic appearance. The base, made from acrylic, is colored to match the exact color of your natural gum tissue. Your cosmetic dentures also feel much more comfortable and function much better. They can even be stabilized using dental implants, which can help to provide greater security and functionality. This can help to improve both your eating and your speech. Moreover, when you can eat properly, your digestion and nutrition improve.

Correcting Your Facial Appearance

Cosmetic dentures do not just improve the quality of your smile; they can also help to improve your facial aesthetics. Following tooth loss, your lips and cheeks lose their support. This causes these features to sag, leading to hollow cheeks and wrinkles. As a result, you may look much older than you are. With cosmetic dentures, your lips and cheeks regain their support, preventing sagging. Your lips curve upward instead of down. Your mouth is filled out like it once was when you had your natural teeth, helping you to look younger and healthier.

Creating Your Cosmetic Dentures

Like traditional dentures, your cosmetic dentures are created from impressions of your mouth. Unlike traditional dentures, however, the teeth of your cosmetic dentures are customized to fit your needs and your smile. The teeth are also positioned where your natural teeth once sat. They are designed to look exactly like natural teeth, rather than the perfect, yet obviously fake, appearance of the teeth used in older types of dentures. The teeth can be made from porcelain or acrylic. We can help you choose the best material to meet your needs. The base is also made to match the color of your natural gum tissue, which helps it to blend in more seamlessly. We will help to create a custom cosmetic denture that will provide you with the best possible results.
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With cosmetic dentures, we can help to restore the beauty of your smile and improve the functions of your mouth. For more information, and to find out if cosmetic dentures are right for you, contact Bellevue's Best Smiles today at (425) 688-1345.

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