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Sedation Dentistry

Doctor talking with patient at Bellevue's Best Smiles Does the idea of seeing a dentist make your skin crawl? Lots of people have a very strong fear of getting dental work done, which is why we offer sedation dentistry at our Bellevue dental office. Sedation dentistry is a sedative that helps patients relax, while staying awake.

Dr. Lynn A. Jones is a top Seattle cosmetic dentist and she recognizes that more than 30% of the United States population experiences dental anxiety, which is why she offers conscious sedation dentistry — a comforting and relaxing advanced dentistry technique.

Conscious sedation dentistry allows patients to receive the dental care they need while remaining calm and relaxed with a sedative. Patients are awake throughout sedation dentistry, but feel sleepy and will have little memory of the procedure.

Sedation Dentistry in Seattle/Bellevue with Dr. Jones

Although Dr. Jones uses a gentle touch and refined dentistry techniques, some patients fear having dental work done to correct for worn teeth, crooked teeth, deteriorating teeth, or other dental concerns. This phobia can prevent patients from obtaining optimal dental health, as well as beautiful smiles. Sedation dentistry is an effective way of managing these dental fears.

During the initial consultation, Dr. Jones evaluates your condition and talks with you to understand your dental health goals. Once you have decided on the plan that is right for you, she may recommend that you undergo your dental procedure with conscious sedation dentistry.

Seattle/Bellevue sedation dentistry patients will be given oral or intravenous sedation medications, or small amounts of nitrous oxide through an inhaler, depending on the patient’s desires and the extent of the treatment performed.

As an experienced Bellevue/Seattle sedation dentist, Dr. Jones strives to ensure patients obtain the highest level of comfort during their cosmetic dentistry treatments. Throughout the procedure, patients remain conscious and responsive, but feel as though they are in a dream-like state. In most instances, patients report feeling as though the procedure lasted only a few minutes, when it may have taken hours to complete.

Comfortable Sedation Dentistry Procedures with Dr. Jones

Seattle sedation dentistry patients are advised to have someone to accompany them to Dr. Jones’ office to provide a means of transportation home after the procedure. She may also advise patients to have a caregiver monitor them for a few hours when they return home to minimize any risk of complications.

Every factor in Dr. Jones’ approach to cosmetic dentistry in Bellevue is dedicated to helping patients achieve a positive, relaxing experience while obtaining their desired smiles. Her state-of-the-art office is a small, cozy, spa-like getaway where patients can obtain beautiful results through affordable procedures. She and her attentive team of dental professionals help patients through every step of the procedure to provide the best outcomes possible.
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Receive Comfortable Conscious Sedation Dentistry Procedures with Dr. Jones

If you have been prolonging your visit to the dentist, now is the time to contact Dr. Jones and schedule your appointment. She can dramatically improve the aesthetics of patients’ mouths, as well as give patients healthier, brighter teeth through a pleasant, relaxing experience. To schedule a complimentary consultation about sedation dentistry with Bellevue Dentist Dr. Jones, please contact her office at (425) 688-1345 and achieve the smile you have always desired.

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