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TMJ Home Care

woman at desk drinking water "What you can do for yourself may be more important than what we can do for you."
•  Control Muscle Abuse
•  Avoid Sleeping On Your Jaw, Try a cervical pillow
•  Use Your Appliance As Directed, Clean daily with toothbrush and/or denture cleanser
•  Every time you sleep-store in water when not worn
•  24 hours a day- remove only to clean

•  Avoid Chewy Foods
•  Ice, raw vegetables, hard crusted bread, apples and large sandwiches

•  Avoid Clenching Your Teeth
•  "Lips together, teeth apart"

•  Avoid Strenuous Exercise
•  Do Not Open Too Wide
•  Limit Intake Of Sugar And Caffeine
•  "Healthy diet, adequate sleep, exercise"

•  Apply Moist Heat/Massage
•  Hot towel or hydroculator 20 minutes at a time at least twice a day

•  Take Medication as Prescribed
•  Aspirin
•  Tylenol
•  Ibuprofen
•  Other

•  Do Something Enjoyable

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